Enrolling and Managing x86 (Windows PC) Devices

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What will you learn from this article?

This article will help you to manage your Windows PC devices in the context of your Elemez World. After reading this article you will be able to;

  • Enroll Windows PC devices
  • Understand how Elemez interaction with Windows PC devices varies from other device types

Before you begin

Q1. Are the devices in your possession?

Yes - Please ensure that the time and time zone are set correctly on each device. Otherwise, data collected will be inaccurate.

No - For devices that are already deployed in the workforce please contact support@b2m-solutions.com and discuss the most appropriate method of enrolling them in your Elemez World. 

Download the client for Windows PC devices

  • Go to https://elemez.com/downloads/client/x86/latest/ElemezInstaller.msi
  • Download elemez.msi and follow the onscreen instructions to install it on your device.

Enroll the device

(Content complete - add screenshots)

Good to know

Under construction - coming soon! 

  • Additional functionality enabled for Windows PC devices.
  • Limitations/gotchas/etc 

What to do next 

Choose a different device type to enroll:

Return to the Enrolling Devices Page

Return to Elemez Getting Start User Guide

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